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Immersion – is it work?

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I want to resurrect and advocate the complete immersion as a legitimate teaching tool. As we seem to have moved away from the previously required accuracy, which results in what I can only call stilted English at the simplest level, I am solidly behind the immersion as an effective method to generate, practise and assimilate “real” language. Socialising in an entirely English environment – that means with native and non-native speakers, reading English newspapers from The Times to the Sun, watching television in all its garbs and listening to it at the end of the phone has proved time and again to be the most appreciated part of our course, according to any number of the students who pass through our doors. It is the non-interference with the flow of conversation, the minimal, indirect, subtle correction that works – the absorbing of the language on an individual level and at an individual pace that moves the student forward. My challenge is to move the level of social interaction that characterises complete immersion into the classroom into the space where “working” is seen to be the object


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