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Can Shakespeare work for BE?

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Back from my hols and I have to say it was fabulous not to have to adapt my speech. I even dredged up some vocab I hardly ever use nowadays and sprinkled it through my conversation! This week I am teaching/tutoring/facilitating a Shakespeare programme. God it’s FANTASTIC to be doing something other! Had forgotten stuff like sonnet conventions and end rhymes and quatrains and the jolly old volta! And remember all that stuff about the Elizabethan World Picture and Northrop Frye’s seasons cycle thing! Fab – went back to James Frazer too and had a reread of the king’s son as sacrifice, the Fisher King and the scapegoat motif. Also need to watch the movie again.Been looking at Ken Branagh’s Hamlet. He is astonishing – only person I know who actually SPEAKS in iambic pentameter NORMALLY. Tomorrow, Macbeth. Only doing the big speeches – the Polanski version. I like the interpretation because it claims that Macbeth “is goaded” into killing King Duncan by Lady Maceth and indeed, that is how I have always read it. Am going to see Julius Caesar in Stratford on Friday – not my favourite play except for “let slip the dogs of war” speech.

Then it’ll be back to BE and all its attendant stuff. Will blog the week next Friday


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