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Another week, another group of students, another set of niggles and silly requests. Example: Italian student, here for four weeks. Didn’t say much day 1 and 2. Spent day 3 in bed “with a bad back”. Today she tells me she is not happy with her course because a) her group is not the same level as her. (We would have known that if she had spoken to us and not into her mobile phone in Italian) b) she doesn’t think her needs are being addressed and she has wasted a week. She has spent two of the four days so far whingeing about her back and about her accommodation. When asked, she has consistently said things are fine. I asked why she felt her needs weren’t being met. “The teachers don’t correct me when I make a mistake.” God I hate that – is it because we are British and stupidly polite that we find it difficult to correct someone when they speak? I will start correcting her now – every time she makes a mistake and in ten minutes, she’ll stop speaking. Why do we have to go through that process every time? Why do students INSIST on this? It makes me more tired than I am anyway.

And un-professional teachers….oy vey. I need this week to end.


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