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The News? No it isn’t….

I, for one, don’t listen to, watch or even read the News. Reasons? It’s tainted with bias, it’s not News, I’m not interested and knowing about it or not knowing about it makes no difference to anything. One of the questions asked was, which News stories from the last 30 years do I remember. Well some of these are longer ago than 30 years, but I’ve been sentient for longer.

  • John F. Kennedy’s assassination, and yes I DO remember what I was doing. I remember thinking at the time, watching my mother’s expression, “This is An Important Thing”.
  • I remember Margaret Thatcher winning the election – but I didn’t really care – except that she was the first woman PM, but only of the UK, so not THAT big a deal – remember Indira Gandhi?
  • I remember hearing about John Lennon’s assassination and feeling bad because I kind of “knew him”. Didn’t we all?
  • I remember when I first read about AIDS in one of the Sunday papers in South Africa. I think that is an important thing.
  • I also remember “watching” The Gulf War on CNN. It was the first time a war had been televised – or Hollyweirded, as I think of it. I don’t remember what it was about or what resulted, but I remember watching it.
  • I remember watching Nelson Mandela being released from prison and KNOWING that that was “An Important Thing”
  • and I remember the Princess Diana month -which became years.
  • And of course, like everyone, I watched, remember and think it has some longevity,  9/11.

There are some other things, but they seem more or less of prurient interest only and not “important” as such.

The only News I get involved in now as a BE teacher is what can be gleaned from the headlines. Generally speaking, British broadsheet headlines are mostly inaccessible to anyone who isn’t well up on the so-called News already and those who don’t have a fairly good grasp of the language. Take these from the FT today –

Eurozone reform (verb? noun?) push (verb? noun?)

World Cup funds (verb? noun?) scrum (verb? noun?)

Cameron writes good news narrative. Say, what?

Business seen to pick up slack. What?

Government advertising cuts concern agencies. Again, Huh?

And – who honestly cares, besides those it affects and they know about it anyway? Give me a break – I’m off to have dinner with a friend to hear all her news!


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