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Sometimes, could we just stop……please?

This started out as a cry from the heart. But…….. 

It always seems to be when we have very few students that the demands just shoot up. We run a strictly “unplugged” BE school. The students – their lives, their experiences – are the resource we mine for our lessons. And I suppose it stands to reason that the more students one has at any one time the more lives and the more experiences there are to mine and the more likely it is that some of them will be similar in level, age, work experience and needs.

But this week – not so. Totally disparate levels, very different needs, massive gaps in age and entirely different backgrounds and motivations. BUT, they DO have one thing in common. Although we are primarily a BE Centre, we don’t teach BE exclusively and the students this week are not here for only business reasons. Our palette has opened up and the week has been dedicated to Autumn – or Fall (I prefer saying “the Fall” to saying “autumn”).

Yesterday we walked and took photos, fed the horses next door,picked up leaves and compared colours. We uploaded the photos and each student made an album. We tried to identify the leaves and looked up the names of the colours.

Autumn experiences in other countries – weather and places, visits and recommendations, wishes and dreams and plans for next year.

Today we are being scientific and The Independent helped with a spectacular photo of an avenue of Fall colours taken in Clifton in Bristol. This gave us “carotenoids” and “anthocyanins”. Research this afternoon into those and a possible report back tomorrow, if we have time.

Bonfires and hot chocolate, keeping warm and watching (and saying!)  squirrels and discussing what to read and what to eat and how to make soup.

It’s only Tuesday – there’s a real bonfire to build; a guy to assemble; revolutions and traditions to compare and discuss, research and report back on. Who knows, it may be our best week yet.

Sometimes – yes, it is okay just to stop, look around, breathe it in, marvel, wonder and enjoy. And return with bright eyes, rosy cheeks and a feeling of great well-being.


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  1. Hi Candy
    I’m sure you’ve spotted the connection to the poem Time to Stop and Stare. Have you considered doing it in class? It even mentions squirrels! A lovely post about a lovely set of lessons. Hope the guy is burning brightly tonight.

    • Hi David
      Thank you so much. It’s so reassuring to get the thumbs up from colleagues. It was a good week – quiet and reflective with a lot of things shared.
      Many thanks again

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