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This used to make me happy….

I need a sabbatical…. a gap year….. time out….. space….. I am so tired of doing what I do. I join in all scurrying to where we all go every day to do what it is that we do to make ourselves useful and valued and then I scurry back home at the end of it all just to draw breath in order to start all over again.

There’s too much to do and it’s all “busy” work. I was reminded of the ash cloud the other day and  honestly, in the grand scheme of things, what WAS the worst thing that happened when we were all grounded? Well for me, my holiday was delayed – big deal. And then I lost broadband for three days. What was the WORST thing that happened? Facebook changed its look while I was away – ooh! Scary! And my mobile phone was thrown with my jeans into the washing machine. And what was the worst thing that happened? I had to go into the store and get a new one – the sim still functioned, which might have caused greater irritation had it been wiped, but it wasn’t. Life carried on: it was less demanding, more measured, less frantic, more reflective and – probably best of all – quieter. At these times I was able to think, to read, to catch up with friends (really and without technical intrusions), to write and sew and not think, to dream and dawdle and doodle away from the tyranny that is technology.


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  1. Thank you David! End-of-year-itis, I’ll be bound! Off for four weeks at Christmas- that should bring back the joie de vivre.


  2. Hi Candy,

    God I feel just the same! Tired and uninspired. I hope I get mojo back after Christmas.

    Thanks for the read


  3. Hi Leahn
    I hear you – this is a tough gig and we need to take time out. Hope you have the chance to do so.
    Thanks for visitng the blog – you are always welcome 🙂



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