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Generation D

Just finished Luke’s Generation H post.  I cannot find a thing to argue against there. I don’t think there is even a polemic.

Some people have told me that I am “lucky” to have been alive and old enough during the 60s to experience the music that has laced its way through just about everything since; the fashions that -yes  – are back with a venegeance and the ideas of love and freedom that have never seemed to lose currency.  

Some people say how fortunate I am to be able to take advantage of all the advances in technology: to be able to make contact with family and friends across the world; to be able to send messages, information and documents at the click of the mouse and to be able to share experiences, pictures and ideas with just about anyone anywhere in the world.

And many people have told me that I am lucky to be an English native speaker because I don’t have to go about trying to learn it. This is so true – having the language  of global communication at my fingertips, being able to make it work for me and being able to play with it and manipulate it and subjugate it and revel in it is one of my great joys.

But what makes me really lucky is that I like my job – sometimes I LOVE my job. For many many people, “work” is mere drudge – a seemingly endless slog of mindless routine, or a race to the finish line.  But I am an EFL teacher and particularly a Business English teacher.  And what makes me terribly glad is that I can work in a space where I can teach “dogmetically” and it is not considered outrageous or “marginal” or “new-fangled”; where I am free from the tyranny of the course book and the Core Inventory, and the exam syllabus; and where learning takes place and is meaningful because the needs of the learners are honoured above all else.


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  1. This post makes me smile!

    I’m working my way towards that space…

  2. Thanks Mike…..I enjoyed writing it. I enjoy writing full stop, and it is great when something I write resonates with someone else.



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