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10 Reasons NOT to buy an iPad 2

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Just watched Dave Letterman giving 10 very vacuous and, quite frankly, deeply unconvincing, reasons why one SHOULD buy an iPad 2.

Here are my reasoms why you SHOULDN’T buy an iPad2:

1. It’s not a phone.

2. You already have a camera.

3. The keyboard is crap.

4. The screeen gets yucky mucky.

5. It’s too small to share and too big to be discreet.

6. If you cart it around in your briefcase, you may as well have a laptop – it solves reasons 3, 4 and 5.

7. If you carry it around obviously in your hand, you look like a dork.

8. It’s only as useful/fun/interesting as the apps you download.

9. It makes you smirk.

10. It’s already obsolete.

No, I don’t have an iPad Mk1 or Mk2. But, man, I’d love a MacAir!


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  1. So freaking agree with you. I have a 3 year old Netbook which even though he hiccuped the other day and stop working is back in the game. For the life of me I just cannot figure out why anyone would want to have an iPad other than it’s trendy and you can make yourself feel über cool using it. I reckon the person who can make a bunch of apps for the standard netbook would make a packet – because the only thing that I can see the value of in having one of those devices are the cool tools/gadgets etc.

    But saying that, I have a smartphone and sometimes with all the pfaffing around, basic things like answering the phone – if you don’t press hard enough or soft enough – become challenging. And the truth is some of us are just a bit too busy to pfaff around with things that tell us what task to do next, read endless news items or play games all day long.


  2. p.s. Add a reTweet button love 😉

  3. p.p.s. love the new look. Alright, heading off now.

  4. Hmm… there are some flaws in the arguments, to be honest. Let’s see…

    1) It’s not a phone
    That’s very true. It’s also not a lawnmower, or a coffee machine, a bath or a bicycle. There is logic lacking here, and that sentence doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    2) You already have a camera
    How do you know that? And even if I do, why would the fact that there are now cameras in the iPad 2 make any difference as to why anyone should or shouldn’t buy one? I mean I already have a radio, an RSS reader, a Kindle, an email program and all the rest. The advantage to the iPad is it does it all in a very useful convergent device…

    3) The keyboard is crap
    Well, that’s rather subjective – if you don’t touch type (and I don’t) then the keyboard is as useful as a physical one. The advantage it has over a physical one is that I don’t have to carry it around separate to the actual machine. If you want crap keyboards, take a look at the average mobile phone. When mLearning takes off, it isn’t going to be on mobile phones, it’s going to be on tablets. The iPad has 7% of the PC market – if it’s so crap, why oh why (and please don’t suggest that it’s because 7% of the PC market (and rising) are simply lured by well-engineered, incredibly useful gadgets with amazing battery lives…

    4) The screen gets yucky mucky
    Yes… that is SO awful. That’s why I never take my bicycle out any more, in case it gets dirty. Oh no, wait a minute… you can clean these things. No way!

    5) It’s too small to share and too big to be discrete
    Hmm…. I’m getting it now.. this is sort of loaded in many ways. Too small to share what, exactly? I regularly share photos, movies, music on the iPad when I’m travelling with people. And then I get confused by ‘discrete’ – do you mean you can’t work on top secret documents without other people looking at them? Or do you mean that it’s big – like a netbook – so people know when you’re using it???

    6) If you cart it around in your briefcase, you may as well have a laptop – it solves reasons 3, 4 and 5
    Not really…. A laptop isn’t going to give you 12+ hours of battery life. A laptop may give you back ache… along with the power cable and all the rest, but no – it definitely won’t last all day and a bit more. And of course a laptop won’t be ‘always on’ when you need it (average boot time of Windows is a few minutes longer than that of the iPad – even the solid state Macbook Air takes a good ten seconds to boot). It only really ‘solves’ reasons 3, 4 and 5 if you think reasons 3, 4 and 5 are actually valid…. Which quite patently they aren’t 😉

    7) If you carry it around obviously in your hand, you look like a dork
    So true – whereas carrying a large Dell Inspiron laptop plus brick of a power adaptor and constantly having to ask for a power socket makes you look uber cool… Actually, how many people carry things ‘obviously’? Do those words even collocate in normal English?

    8) It’s only as useful/fun/interesting as the apps you download
    Again, that’s very true. My Dell Inspiron with no OS and no software is utterly fascinating as I sit and look at it. Whereas the stupid iPad needs both an operating system and software to make it useful, fun and interesting. Those PC designers are smart cookies…

    9) It makes you smirk
    I’d say that really isn’t much of a reason. I just tried it out, to be honest. I read today’s Guardian on the iPad and I swear I didn’t smirk once. Not sure of the relevance of this one, either.

    10) It’s already obsolete
    So is the Macbook Air you lust after. So is any technology currently on the market. If you want, you can wait until all technology companies stop innovating and producing new things and simply buy the last thing they made. Again, there’s no logic.

    Strikes me, often, that the ‘reasons not to buy an iPad’ posts may people write are written on the basis of “I don’t have the disposable income to allow myself the luxury of an iPad, so I’ll diss it for a while and it’ll make me feel better…”

    The fact is that Apple have revived the dead tablet computing market and that is having – and will continue to have – a profound effect on many things, not least of which is mobile learning. Worth remembering in a couple of years’ time…


    • Hi Gavin
      You’re right on the count of not having any disposable income, never mind enough to have an iPad – or a Mac Air – or an iPhone for that matter! Still have a Nokia and Netbook – oh woe is me!

      I just wrote this as a rebuttal really to David Letterman’s equally daft reasons why one SHOULD buy an iPad2 – examples:

      “It doesn’t have a touch screen it has a lick screen.”
      “It’s thin enough to chop vegetables.”
      “It has an app that makes every room smell like biscuits.”
      and “Who doesn’t have $600 to throw around in this economy?”

      I thought my reasons were sort of in the same mold – not that I want in any way to emulate or be David Letterman!


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  6. Candy,

    I think the problem with the post is that it looked serious, and some of the comments thought it was serious. The danger is, of course, that people then go on to believe all these points and quote them verbatim, thus ensuring that they do, in fact, become real…

    I made the mistake of critiquing the iPad before I actually got to try one (I won’t be doing that again in a hurry..). When I did get my hands on it, I found it to be incredibly useful and productive, and I really do enjoy using it for a wide variety of things. Yes, they are expensive…

    Netbooks? Well, I think they’re very good for travelling, but the screen size is a nightmare (and I’m thinking here of a generation of potentially blind young users who grow up using them in schools) and they’re very slow. I had to retire mine when I found that the iPad – allowing as it does for magnification (zoom) is a much better and more healthy reading option.

    The iPad is the beginning of a new revolution – tablets will get cheaper and I think Netbooks are doomed to disappear as they’re simply not useful enough for a variety of reasons.


    • Hi Gavin

      Yeah, I guess I should have made the point about it being a spoof in response to David Letterman a little more obvious. One lives and learns 🙂

      I totally agree with you about the iPad – it is “a blistering piece of kit”. I would love one, but will have to wait. Perhaps by the end of the year, recession not withstanding.



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