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Where to from here?

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If I had the time, I would sit and analyse this, deconstruct it to within an inch if its very bizarre life and still not be any the wiser. Even parsing it would take some doing….. But where does it come from? Has this been taught? Has this been absorbed from somewhere I have never been? Did this emerge on its own or was is “elicited”? Has the writer been taught English, or is this a variant – one of the “many Englishes” we need to get our heads around?

Whatever it is, I am totally at a loss as to where one would start to unravel the linguistic journey this mind has been on.

I shall be reading this for many many months to come. Why? Because this HAS to be the most fascinating piece of…….I have no idea what to call it….. I have read in a long time.


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  1. Hi Candy,
    Is it not the work of Google Translate? I love it when my students use this because it throws up some recklessly poetic stuff, although my favourite translations come from ABBY Lingvo. Parts of this dictionary seem to be based on 16th century English so it’s like having Shakespeare in the class.

    • You well be right Tony…I hadn’t thought of that! But oh my, isn’t it incredible what can be wrought with this language of ours?
      See you in the forum?

  2. Oh my god, once I had gotten over the pure shock of seeing that Elizabeth was gone (I’ve been very busy and though I saw her on the TV screens at the gym I had my earbuds plugged into TED at the time and just thought they were saying she was in hospital or something)… anyway, point, hell’s bells – that “translation?” gave me a giggle and a half.

  3. I wanted to leave a comment on the site but I was scared of their small print:

    “The element displayed upon (including, the News Feed and Content) is supposing but any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to the accuracy. Any report published upon this website is not dictated as a surrogate for sensitive recommendation and we should not take any movement prior to consulting with a professional.

    The calm of is updated by editors and participators. If we would like, we might minister to’s calm by adding new material.If we have any questions, comments or concerns regarding to the website, greatfully hit us.”

    • Oh wow Helen! How superb!! I wonder if it has been done by Google Translator or Babelfish? I just think it is fabulous!

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I really appreciate it.


  4. Could it be misuse of a bilingual dictionary?

  5. PS Here is another example of the genre – nearly every other word is the next-word-along rather than the right one, so I reckon this is the Babelfish house style.

  6. I am afraid I agree with you, Steve. I am fairly disappointed, however, that there isn’t a real someone out there writing this astonishing stuff. If there WAS, he/she would be my top choice as a dinner guest. Can you imagine how entertaining that would be?

    Many thanks for stopping by – much appreciated!


  7. But it still makes for divine reading, doesn’t it?



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