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Between you and me…

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I’m a nice person…I mean I think I am. I try to be friendly and kind and happy, I’m very careful not to hurt anyone, and if I do, I can’t sleep at night until I’ve made it right. I hyperventilate if people are horrid to me and I run a mile if confrontation is even hinted at. But……sometimes I wish I had the strength to haul myself up to a huge height and breathe fire.

Some students – very few, but there are some –  just cause me to rend my garment and wish to God I could pack it in and retire. This week  I have been challenged by what can only be called “a force of Nature”. My limit was reached when this afternoon said “force”, stood 5 cms from my face while he barked into his sodding iPhone at his assitant to “get me the teacher I want.”  This is after two days of manic and random  disruption of the timetable, the other students, the meals and evening schedule (I run an executive Business English residential centre) because, “I pay for this, I make what I want.” 

Why had I refused to change his teacher? Because the teacher I had assigned him – get this – “make me work too hard”! What sort of teacher did he want? “I want teacher who understand me and say I can drink Whiskey Mac in class.” I could sense as he ended the call that he was about to push me out of his way. Man, I wish he had…….

Go home, little man, go home.


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  1. Rachael Roberts

    First teaching job I ever had, full of enthusiasm. Hauled up in front of the Boss. Class had complained that I made them speak English. ‘Rachael, they are tired after a long day at work…

    In sympathy…

    • Oy Rachael – thank you for the support. Thank you also for reassuring me that I am not alone here. It’s two days and the week is over – not a second too soon!

  2. Anthony Gaughan

    What I would really like to say in response to this post would obtain an R-rating in the US and may well be subject to obscenity laws, so, reining myself in with a dose of irony…

    if you had accommodated his wishes and thereby responded in a student-centred (sic) manner, the subsequent whisky-mac induced stupor would have restored peace to the valley and he’d have woken up with a crucifying hangover into the bargain: everyone’s a winner…

    (I pause to smile, because – an my mother likes to say – “if you didn’t laugh, you’d cry”)

    PS: at least he didn’t try to get you to cover up an affair he was having by saying he had attended single lessons that he had booked and paid but never showed up for (not that I ever taught anyone who might have tried that, you understand.)

  3. Havin’ a larff, Anthony! or I’d cry! Arrivimg at school this morning, the villain of the piece (peace?) had thought better of his behaviour (je pense) and there was an orchid on my desk with a note, written in green board pen – “Have a good dag”.

    Gotta love it…..

    • Anthony Gaughan

      Ah, restores my faith in human nature: we eff, we blind, we curse and condemn, but then we reflect and see our faults, and are usually big enough to try to make good.

      I’ll follow suit for my previous unpleasant view of your student. We’re all human!


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