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I couldn’t resist getting in on the current protech/contech debate (even though I swore I wouldn’t). The “contechs” seem to have been distilled down to “dogmetists”, who are apparently all lovely, reflective people. Quite right, too.

Here’s something from the blog of a chap called David Warlick

 The blog post is about his visit to an exhibition of how teachers are using technology in their classrooms. He is  – and I quote – “this big technology guru”.

 I’m quoting a bit of what he said here – in blue

Yet, with all of this impressive show of mostly appropriate utilization of ICT in classrooms, I remain unsatisfied with their answer to my prevailing question… “Why?”

 I honestly believe that these educators are seeking new ways to use new information and communication (literacy) technologies in teaching and learning for the very best reasons. But we need better answers than, “Because it’s technology. Our children will do anything if it’s with technology.” ..and “this is the engagement!” pointing at the an iPod Touch.

I continue to maintain that the little box is not what engages them: it is what happens through that box.

It is the information experience that…

  •  is responsive
  •  is fueled by questions
  •  provokes conversation
  •  is rewarded with currency (I assume he means the student is rewarded with something s/he finds valuable) 
  •  inspires personal investment of time and skill
  •  is guided by safely made mistakes

 When we talk about modernizing formation education, this is what we should talk about, not the technology. 

Even though he spells “two-dimensional”  like this – “two -demential” – somewhere else in the post, I think his heart is in the right place. And he seems to have big chunks of dogme down pat…..


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