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Who, in the name of all that is holy, uses this expression these days? I mean, really…….and then the poor student says: “We read your quote with gusto” – I’m in despair. I have been felled by such a collection of idiomatic nonsense this week, I feel quite done in.

How about:

We need to start cracking.

Roses are coming everywhere.

Don’t be fed up again.

I am a monster.

I slept like a man with no legs.

My class is piece of cake.


My teacher has flamboyant.

This idea is badly appalling.

Keep your eyes on my balls.

Sometimes it’s funny and many times endearing and often startlingly creative. I just love “Don’t wake the sleeping dogs.” But most times it just doesn’t work. Being risk-averse, I usually land on the discretion side of the fence and shirk the valour, even though there are exhortations from all sides to be courageous in our teaching. But, as my grandson says, “You’re doing it all wrong” and as I’m also not a member of the Condescension Club, I would rather err on the side of caution and teach the straight up and down rather than the flowery and fanciful……


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