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Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.

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Are you kidding me? It’s the big stuff that one should avoid getting worked up about, because actually, you can’t do a thing to change it. Things happen and that’s that. You can protest and scream and bang your head and your fists and plead and weep and dig your heels in. But trust me, nothing will make the blindest bit of difference. I think my parents taught me that by not paying any attention to me when I started going rigid and frothing at the mouth in that sort of monstrous rage that subsumes children when thwarted. I can honestly say that nothing big that ever happened had me to thank. I’m just a somewhat interested passenger in all of life’s great ups and downs.

But SMALL things….now you’re talking. I will not drink coffee unless it is absolutely to my taste – strength, flavour, temperature, sweetness and volume. download (5)
imagesCA855J43 I will boil as many eggs as it takes to get that yolk perfect

download (6)

Dutch tomatoes? Don’t be silly: vine-ripened English only.

Dimmer switches for lights are the best invention ever – I can now have the light JUST SO in any and all rooms. download (8)

Do NOT play George Benson, unless it is Friday evening and the wine is already poured.images (17)

I will change channel if Tony Blair or Claire Balding enter my living room unannounced and – more to the point -uninvited. Sheets? Percale please and cream, freshly ironed. I have a very carefully searched for and selected ring tone on my phone – a small thing, but it’s important.

download (7)So if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to change, rearrange, adjust and fine tune those things that make a difference: sauvignon blanc – antipodean, obviously – to be poured and George on the Ipod.


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