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10 Minutes of Fame

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Well there’s that and then there’s the what has become a self-fulfilling prophecy of a horoscope character-assassination I read once. (I know there’s a more elegant way of saying that, but I’m into clumsy and inarticulate at the moment.) Back to the horoscope (or as it was touted in the headline, “Horrorscopes”). Mine said: The ideal length of time to know a Libran is four hours.

And do you know, I think that may very well be true.

In the last half decade I have had more people drift in and out of my life than the Ritz Carlton – or maybe the Travelodge at Terminal 5. It always starts off in a blaze of bonhomie – how fabulous it all is and oh my God we have so much in common! And who’d have thought after all these years!

And it’s not limited to my social life – if a Travelodge has social life. Such congratulation and artful smilery as: You brought a breath of fresh air to the organisation! We are so lucky to have you! We really need you to be shouting this from the rooftops across the industry! I see your role as much more far-reaching. You are absolutely the ideal person for this – not only will you be keeping everything running smoothly, you will also be stretching yourself and getting more experience. We will support anything you wish to do. Would you like to come and bring that energy to our team? We NEED you to be sharing this with ALL of us. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I’m sure some of these sounds bytes are familiar to you.

And then everything changes – sometimes suddenly, sometimes it’s just a slow, but obvious erosion. It could be Andy Warhol, but personally, I think it is because I am a Libran.

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