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Have just read these nuggets of exuberance and razzmatazz

……in today’s competitive and fast changing workplace, we can never hope to achieve success unless we’re willing to embrace change and risk the discomfort of failure. In short, we must be willing to get comfortable with the discomfort involved with taking risks.

Ten years from now there will be people who have achieved extraordinary success. While we don’t know who they will be, one thing is sure – they won’t be people who have stayed inside their comfort zone. Rather, they will be people who have continued to stretch themselves, even when things are going smoothly, and who have been willing to risk failure or looking foolish, knowing that the biggest risk they take is not taking any risks at all. The question is – will you be one of them?!

In our ever more cautious and competitive world, there is little security in playing safe. Being willing to give up the familiarity of the known and embrace the discomfort that comes from being outside your comfort zone is increasingly crucial to your success in work and life.

They were written by some mega-guru, important person called Margie Warrell. And do not for one second think that I have anything at all against her. It’s just that it’s all hype, innit?

We are told how many times a day to NOT be taken in by all the celebrity glamour and gorgeousness; NOT to take all the advertised promises of unconfined joy that will be yours if you buy whatever it is and NOT to allow trends and fashions and media messages to turn us away from who we are and make us eternally dissatisfied because we don’t conform to the perfection that could be us if only we tried harder. So why are we so easily taken in and duped by the hype that sparks off all these coaches/trainers/advisors/management consultants type people? It is as damaging and as weary-making and dissatisfaction inducing as the pursuit of perfection. I don’t WANT to be a high achieving success junkie; I don’t want to stretch myself and challenge the accepted and break new ground and shine bigger and brighter and more completely. What is so wrong with my comfort zone? It’s called that for a reason – I made it, I like it and I’m staying here. Thank you very much for the offer of swapping it for a discomfort zone, but I’ll pass. I mean that claptrap about “the biggest risk is not taking a risk at all.” What exactly does that MEAN? It’s all just a string of sound bytes that mean nothing, yelled by the modern world’s cheerleaders to make us feel inadequate, useless, unproductive and a waste of everyone’s time unless we “get comfortable with discomfort.”

Or am I missing something here? If so, so be it.


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  1. Complete bollocks. It’s just a genre, like giving your testament for Jesus: ‘I did not want to confess Him Lord! I warn’t gonna bow the knee to nobody! But one night I fell down and prayed He’d come into mah heart and make me over anew and now I’m no longer an alcoholic adulterous junkie, I’m the CEO of twenny million multinationals.’


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