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I saw a sales sign yesterday that advertised 2015 calendars: it’s not yet the end of 2013. Are we really that desperate to keep ourselves ahead of what seems to be an ever-increasing race to be the fastest? Fastest broadband – how fast does it have to be? Download it BEFORE it gets released – why? Services which offer to answer your call within 3 seconds. Order online and get it TODAY. I’m up there with everyone. If I miss a slot in a revolving door, it messes with my schedule.

But…. sometimes this instant gratification just doesn’t happen and I have again to learn how to wait, and forgive me, but they are all to do with how I feel. I can speed up my life physically, but emotionally, that just doesn’t happen. It may be age, or it may just be the way things are, but getting to a place in my head where things once again feel manageable takes its own time.


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